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AUDIO: Christopher Emerson Resident Evil 6 Interview by The VRO

December 17th 2012

CHRISTOPHER EMERSON, whose prominence as a voice-over star has successfully translated to high-profile theatrical projects, has now added the top media franchise, "Resident Evil," to his arsenal of starring roles playing one of two title characters, 'Piers Nivans,' in the just released "Resident Evil 6" (Capcom). Resident Evil, which first started as a survival horror video game, has become one of the most lucrative franchises to date, expanding to comic books, novels, and live –action feature films...


READ: Resident Evil 6: Chris Emerson Interviewed by Sammi-T

December 16th 2012

Chris Emerson is cute, sweet and fabulous. His voice alone can make him into a hero, convince you to eat fast food and get you to watch The Weather Channel.

That's right, Chris Emerson is one of the best known voice actors in America. He is currently doing the voice of Piers Nivans in Resident Evil 6. He says that he loves playing the sidekick of a legend who lost his way and helping him be the hero he knows he could be...


READ: Meet Christopher Emerson – The Man Behind Piers Nivans (RE6)

December 13th 2012

Last week I had the absolute joy of talking with Christopher Emerson, the man behind the voice and character of Piers Nivans in Resident Evil 6. There are some spoilers in here, so if you’ve managed to avoid any spoilers about the game, come back after you’ve played. Or maybe I’m the only one who managed to do that...


VIDEO: Christopher Emerson, Voice Actor of Piers Nivans (Brazil Interview)

October 5th 2012

Em entrevista, Christopher Emerson, dublador de Piers em Resident Evil 6, fala como se preparou para o personagem e como é a relação dele com Chris Redfield. Interview with Christopher Emerson, voice actor of Piers Nivans in Resident Evil 6. REVIL - Resident Evil World - Just Cause Entertainment - Christopher Emerson no Twitter: Fan Page no Facebook:


In-Depth interview about playing Piers Nivans in Resident Evil 6

July 27th 2012

One of the big pieces of news from Comic-Con 2012 was the revelation of the of actors who are playing characters in Resident Evil 6. There, in the midst of big names like Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker, is Christopher Emerson, who now is appearing in one of the biggest jobs of his career: the role of Piers Nivans in the sixth game of the saga.

Playing video games since he was a kid, Emerson has since accumulated roles in films like "What Women Want" and "Spaceboy", plus appearances in TV shows such as "House" and "Cold Case." In the gaming world...


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